Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Up to Us to Promote Bernie Sanders

From Huffington Post
Let's face it, Bernie Sanders is largely ignored by the media. When they do acknowledge him, they refuse to take him seriously, even as he surges in the polls and draws larger crowds than any other presidential candidate. He's addressed as a "long shot" and a "fringe" candidate, someone to vote for only if you're against Hillary.

So the media is not going to get the news out about Bernie. And Bernie's campaign can't raise the money Hillary has. She can afford to establish campaign offices and print and spread pamphlets and brochures. Bernie can't.

So, it's up to us to promote Bernie. Sharing on social media is great, but not everyone is on social media. Which means we have to go door to door to tell people about Bernie.

Reportedly, you gain more support for your cause if you knock on people's doors and talk with them. I would definitely advise going that route if you are comfortable. I, however, am less likely to consider a cause if someone knocks on my door. I feel trapped in a conversation that I didn't have a choice in entering, and I feel like I'm being pressured into that person's view. On the other hand, if someone leaves me a flier, I have a choice to pick up that flier and form my own opinion on my own time. I am much more responsive to that method. I think I'm in the minority on this. But I can't justify knocking on people's doors when I hate it when people do it to me.

I made my own flier (you can find it in the sidebar), and I printed out 100 copies (using "fast draft" saves ink). Then I went door to door in my 200-house neighborhood, and I slid that flier into people's door frames. I had to get creative in some cases.

My stack of fliers next to my bag
Some pieces of wisdom:
Go out as early as possible, and I mean the crack of dawn if you can - it takes longer to go door to door than you think, and you'll be grateful for the minimal rays of sunshine.
+ Wear sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and a big hat
+ Practice your Bernie elevator speech. Even if you aren't knocking on doors, chances are you will eventually end up talking to someone. 
Know the law:
It's illegal to put fliers in or on mailboxes without postage.
+ Some cities, apartments, and HOAs have restrictions against putting up fliers.
+ If someone has a "no soliciting" or "no trespassing" sign, skip that house. 
I actually ended up doing my neighborhood over the course of two days. The first time I went out was around noon, and it was hot. I got about 45 houses in before I couldn't take it anymore. About 3pm, I went out again and got about 30 more. The next morning, I got up early to finish the rest.

I somehow ended up with a ton of extras. I read a suggestion for leaving extra fliers in bathroom stalls. I just might do that.

I'll never know how many people I was able to reach. But I figure the more times they see Bernie's name, the better.

UPDATE: A member of the Bernie Sanders- Presidential Candidate For The People Facebook group 
asked me to share these resources which Bernie Supporters are welcome to print and distribute

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