Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bernie Sanders on Protecting Our Planet

Bernie Sanders has called for the United States to lead the world in combating climate change and converting to green energy. In September 2014, Bernie marched among thousands on New York streets to draw attention to climate change. You can see pictures from the event here and video here.

Over the years, Bernie has introduced legislation to combat climate change and invest in green energy. Sadly, many of these bills did not pass.

From Huffington Post
Climate Change

Bernie Sanders introduced the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act in 2007 that would work to cut down on green house gasses.

In 2012, Sanders addressed congress on the reality of climate change.

Fossil Fuels

In 2012, Sanders introduced legislation to end fossil fuel subsides, In 2013, he introduced a two-fold piece of legislation to tax carbon emissions and use those funds to sponsor green energy initiatives.

He has spoken out against fracking and the Keystone pipeline. He has backed the EPA for fighting to curb power plant pollution.

You can read this article written by Bernie Sanders in 2014 on why a carbon tax is important to combating climate change.

Green Energy

Recently, Bernie introduced a bill to make solar power more accessible to low income families. You can read a summary of the bill here and the entirety of the bill here. You can also show support for the bill here.

In 2010, Sanders authored a bill to fund solar energy initiatives across the country.

You can read an article written by Bernie Sanders in 2012 on the war against green energy here.


Protecting our planet also means protecting the critters that live on it. Bernie sponsored a number of animal rights legislation in 2014, from big cats to farm animals to puppy breeders.

Voting Records

You can view Bernie's voting record on the environment and animal welfare here. Also more environmental votes here and here. More votes on animals and wildlife here and energy here. And Bernie's record on energy and oil here along with quotes.

Other Candidates

There are a number of articles comparing the views of presidential candidates on global warming. Sadly, none of them include all candidates.
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