Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to Caucus for Bernie Sanders

The way we choose presidential nominees in the US is a little confusing. First, votes are cast by state citizens, either through primaries or caucuses. The percentage of the vote determines the number of delegates each candidate receives. The delegates then go the national convention of each party to represent and vote for their candidate for the presidential nomination.

Most states vote through primaries where citizens go to designated polling areas and cast a vote. But some states hold caucuses. Voters must travel to their precinct meeting place and gather into groups to show support for their chosen candidate. Caucuses can take hours to complete as opposed to primaries, meaning that many voters don't show, which is why it's super important for Bernie Sanders supporters to show up to ensure he receives the most delegates possible. Visit this link to see what the Democratic caucusing process is like.

States that hold democratic caucuses in 20016 and their dates are as follows. These dates are subject to change, so make sure you double check if you want to caucus for Bernie! You must be a state resident and a registered voter to caucus for Bernie. Some states also require that you are a registered Democrat. You can check your state and registration deadlines here. Click the state links to find out where your local caucus will be meeting. You should also check your local area for caucus training if you're not sure what to expect. Additionally, you can check out this caucus tool.

February 1

Bernie's campaign is currently reaching out to Iowa voters. Take the pledge to caucus and earn points toward a free Bernie T-shirt.

Iowa for Bernie has put out this caucus video.

February 20

March 1

March 5

March 6

March 22
Idaho - not yet available

March 26
Hawaii - not yet available

April 9
Wyoming - not yet available

June 7
North Dakota - not yet available

UPDATE 1/11/16: Added paragraph links
UPDATE 1/13/16: Added caucus training link and caucus pledge
UPDATE 1/14/16: Added caucus tool
UPDATE 1/21/16: Iowa for Bernie video added

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