Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Are we Ready for a Political Revolution?

The video above is the best I've found in explaining the kind of political revolution Bernie Sanders needs to not only win the 2016 presidential election but to also have successful terms in office. As Bernie says in the video, it is not enough to simply get him elected because having Bernie in office will only get us so far.

Let's face it. Our political system is corrupt. The use of big money in politics is one of Bernie's main talking points and has been for years. The most recent example is the million of dollars that were paid to pass the fast track for the TPP. But the corruption doesn't end with money, party members who vote against the group are dismissed from leadership positions or, as Sanders points out in the video, have negative ads slung at them. The system is not controlled by the people, and that needs to change. And we need to be willing and active in changing it because if we aren't Bernie will fail as President.

A Common Dream article, "The Wild Ride of President-Elect Bernie Sanders," by William Grover and Joseph Peschek asks readers to consider the morning after Sanders is elected President:
"The most immediate impact would be a steep decline in global financial markets, as investors registered their panic at the "reckless" decision reached by U.S. voters. The swift negative response would be amplified by fears in corporate boardrooms, as the specter of severe market instability and declining business confidence wracked the capitalist world. With a financial meltdown looming, president-elect Sanders would be facing a business reaction known as "capital strike." And that’s just day one after the election. With little prospect of the economic tumult subsiding during his 11 week transition period, Sanders would face enormous pressure to calm the fears of the market by announcing the appointment of moderates to hold Cabinet positions — non-confrontational, non-ideological people who would be "acceptable" to political and economic power holders. No radicals for the Treasury Department, no thoughts of Ben and Jerry as Co-Secretaries of Commerce, no union firebrand to head the Labor Department, no Bill McKibben leading the Interior Department. Only nice, "safe" choices would suffice—personnel decisions that would undermine the progressive vision of his campaign."
If Bernie Sanders is to be successful as President, the people have to be mobilized. The video and article linked above call us to become activists. They call us to march on Washington. They call us to be active and informed in our country's politics. We cannot listen solely to what the news stations tell us because they too are controlled by big money and threats just as our political system is. We have to be aware and intelligent. We have to put our money where our mouths are and be willing to pay a little extra for goods from ethical companies and not just go for the cheaper choice.

Are we willing to do that? All of that and more?

That question is a very serious one. Because Bernie needs our help. He cannot do this alone. And if our answer is no, Bernie may still be elected as President, but he will not succeed.

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