Thursday, July 2, 2015

Can Bernie Sanders actually win the presidential election?

I've been asked this question a number of times. And I get it. You don't want to "throw away" your vote by backing someone who doesn't have a chance. First off, you need to realize that nobody has a chance at winning if people aren't willing to vote for them. So if you're someone who is thinking "I can't vote for Bernie Sanders because he'll never win." You, yourself, and everyone else thinking that same thought are making that happen. So if you'd like Bernie Sanders to win, then you need to throw your vote behind him and convince others too as well. That's the only way he'll win.

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But here is the good news! Bernie Sanders does actually have a pretty good chance at winning.

Bernie is drawing massive crowds at his speeches, showing through numbers that he can and is able to compete with his opponents. His rally last night in Wisconsin drew more people than any other presidential candidate to date. His surging in state polls shows that with enough momentum he could catch up with Hillary Clinton. And Hillary's refusal to speak on certain issues, such as the TTP, has struck a nerve with some, endearing them more with Sanders' openness.

While it's true Bernie will never be able to raise as much money as Hillary, his fundraising is still going very well and he's expected to raise more money than any GOP candidate. His goal has never been to raise enough money to surpass Hillary, but only to raise enough to win. And he can do that. Bernie's campaign is looking strangely similar to the race Obama won, and polls indicate that many Americans agree with his views, even republicans

And let's not forget that we aren't even in 2016 yet. For Bernie to have this much momentum this soon and to see it continuing to grow is a very good sign. With enough people backing Sanders and spreading the word, he can win the Presidential race. Bernie Sanders has the crowds flocking to him, he has the fundraising he needs, and he has the American people on his side. He can win. And he will.

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