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A Bernie Sanders Supporter's Debate Kit

It's hard to change people's beliefs. People don't want to let go, even when presented with hard, cold evidence. With that thought, I believe our efforts in promoting Bernie Sanders are best spent getting the word out to people who haven't heard of him rather than trying to convince someone who is against him to come to our side. But, sometimes you can't help finding yourself in a debate. On social media especially it can become inevitable, and nothing is more frustrating than not having sources to back up your claims. Here's some common arguments I've come across and resources to refute them.

This is a pretty long article. My suggestion for using it would be use a (Ctrl+F) function or a (Command+F) and type in a key word. That will help you find the section most useful to you without having to scroll through the whole article. If you don't find anything the first time, try a few other key words. And if you read through this article and still can't find what you are looking for, leave a comment.

When someone criticizes Bernie for running as a Democrat:

Use this article.

When someone says Bernie wants to tax at 90%:

They are usually citing this video. If they are, remind them that video is out of context. Then give them the full interview. Then follow up with this interview where Bernie shuts down the 90% rumor.

If they aren't citing the original video, just give them that last one.

When someone mentions Bernie "rape essay:"

Tell them it was a bad dark satire essay on the danger of gender norms. And then give them this.

When someone says we don't want another old, white man as president:

Ask them what's more important, someone's looks or their polices? And give them this.

When someone argues raising the minimum wage would destroy the economy/increase unemployment raise prices/cost small businesses/cost jobs/aren't deserved by unskilled workers:

Check out this myth buster master list.

Show them this video of a billionaire arguing that raising the minimum wage is a good thing. Also, here's the same guy confessing that billionaires are not job creators, the middle class is.

Here's another video you can share.

And a study by EPI

Just look at this.

Also remember that when minimum wage was first enacted by FDR, it was meant to start a living wage standard for American works, not be "starter wage" for teens or unskilled workers.

This blog post is also from the perceptive of a small business owner, who says that raising the minimum wage can be done without hurting small businesses if it's done right.

When someone says Bernie doesn't pay his interns $15 dollars an hour.

Traditionally, interns are paid nothing. From what I am aware, Bernie is the only presidential candidate paying his interns. Further more, Bernie's minimum wage bill phases the $15 an hour wage over 5 years, $9 in 2016, $10.50 in 2017, $12 in 2018, $13.50 in 2019, and $15 in 2020. If the raised minimum wage were in effect today, Bernie would be paying his interns MORE than the minimum.

Also, ask them why they are harping on Bernie for paying his interns $12 an hour and not any other candidates for paying their interns nothing.

When someone says Bernie's economics don't work:

Just give them this whole playlist.

When someone claims social security is bankrupt and dragging down our economy:

Tell them these are lies that have been passed around to get people to favor privatizing social security. Then show them this video.

When someone claims Bernie is a gun nut or wants to take away guns:

Tell them Bernie is for background checks and banning assault rifles. Then give them this video on Bernie's "Common Sense" gun control.

When someone claims Democrats did nothing during Obama's terms and that it's an obvious reason not to trust them again.

Tell them Democrats couldn't get the laws they wanted passed because the Republicans blocked them. Then give them this article.

When someone claims the rich already pay somewhere between 50% to 90% of taxes:

Give them this article on 2015 tax brackets that also includes a link to view other tax brackets.

And also this list of tax brackets from 1913 to 2013.

And then ask them where they got that tax percentage for the rich.

When someone says something incorrect on Bernie's stance on guns:

Give them this article and direct them to the handy chart.

When someone says Bernie is pro-Israel:

Tell them Bernie has stated a number of time that he believes in a two-state solution, that both sides have a right to exist in their own state. You can give them this article with video links on the subject.

When someone says socialism destroyed Greece:

Remind them that Greece failed because it had a huge debt they refused to acknowledge and kept adding to (give them this article). And then ask them if that reminds them of any other country they know of.

When someone mentions Venezuela:

Give them this article.

When someone claims no one wants a Socialist for president and that Bernie will never win:

Tell them most Americans agree with his views and give them this article.

When someone claims socialists "steal from the rich and give to the poor" or support "big government:"

Remind them that we're just asking everyone to pay their fair share and put money into social programs that are beneficial for everyone. No one is asking for the government to own or control anything. Give them this article.

When someone asks you to provide examples of successful socialism:

Remind them of our fire stations, our police force, our libraries, and national parks. Or just give them this list of 75 examples.

When someone says Socialism will destroy this country:

Just give them this list of 75 examples of socialist programs we all ready have.

When someone starts talking about Communism:

Remind them that socialism and communism are not the same thing. Give them this link.

When someone asks how Bernie plans to pay for everything he wants to implement or says electing Bernie means higher taxes:

Give them this.

When someone is disputing Bernie's stance on immigration/women/civil rights/LGBT/Veterans/elderly/poverty/children/mental health/incarceration/indigenous people/Foreign Aid:

Everything you need is in here.

When you just need a snappy photo at the right moment:

Go with this or this.

When someone cites the Wall Street article that says Bernie's proposals cost $18 Trillion: 

There's been a number of articles posted, so I will link them for you and you can pick from them.

No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion
An Open Letter to the Wall Street Journal on Its Bernie Sanders Hit Piece
Wall Street Journal’s Scary Bernie Sanders Price Tag Ignores Health Savings
 What ‘The Wall Street Journal’ Gets Totally Wrong About Bernie Sanders’s Agenda

UPDATE: Added source for Bernie's stance on guns.
UPDATE 7/22/15: Added source Bernie's stance on Israel-Palestine
UPDATE 7/24/15: Added another minimum wage link, economics, "rape essay," Venezuela, and white man as president
UPDATE 9/15/15: Added wall street article
UPDATE 10/14/15: Added minimum wage links

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