Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bernie Sanders Themed Party Food

There's been some very creative Bernie snacking since the July 29th meetups.

Just get yourself some state or US cookie cutters and go to town!

Or take an image to your local bakery and have them put some edible prints on some cupcakes!

Or get some white and blue cupcakes and put some glasses on them.

Or have fun with some free-hand designs.

Bake up some traditional snacks and get creative with re-naming.

If you've made your own Bernie themed food, take a photo and tag it with #SandersSnacks and #DIYforBernie.

All images come from Bernie's official Tumblr.

UPDATE 09/19/15: here's a new post that gets into debate food beyond deserts.


  1. These cupcakes, snacks, cookies and other eatables are looking really delicious. By the end of this week I am going to have a party at venues NYC and also want such delicious food to be served.


  3. The official Bernie 2016 cuck-cakes