Monday, July 6, 2015

Bernie Sanders on Women's Rights

Google "Bernie Sanders on women's rights" and what comes up? Half the articles on the first page deal with Sanders' opinion on abortion and the other half on his notorious "rape essay," which is explained here and more in-depth here for anyone who actually believes Sanders thinks women fantasize about rape (he doesn't).

Those who have researched Bernie Sanders and listened to his speeches know that he's very much for women's rights: pro choice, equity pay, maternity leave, etc. But if you are new to the Sanders' boat and happen to Google search for his views on women's rights, the results are a little lacking. So, let's break down the facts, shall we?



Bernie Sanders is for a woman's right to choose.

There are a number of articles on subject, but you can view Sanders' voting record and reasoning here. Also more on Bernie's voting record.


Bernie Sanders is for a woman's right to contraceptives.

You can view Sanders' statement on the Supreme Court Ruling to uphold the religious beliefs of corporation owners over providing contraceptives to women workers. And this statement made a couple years before.

You can see Sanders' voting record on contraceptives and reasoning here (use the find function and search for "contraceptive"). And more on Bernie's voting record.

Planned Parenthood and Women's Health

Bernie Sanders is for a woman's right to preventative health care.

This letter from 2011 signed by 41 senators, including Sanders, supporting Planned Parenthood and the preventative health care it provides.

This letter from 2015 signed by 35 senators, included Sanders, calling to increase funding for Planned Parenthood.

Equal Pay

Bernie Sanders is for equal pay for women and other minorities.

He supports the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that has been blocked by the GOP three times. See Sanders' statement on the issue.

See Sanders voting record on jobs for related issues.

Maternity Leave

Bernie Sanders is for paid maternity leave for men and women.

See Sanders' campaign petition for mandating 12 weeks of paid leave.

Rape and Domestic Violence

Bernie Sanders has supported several measures to prevent rape and provide aid to rape victims.

Bernie Sanders has supported legislation (bottom of page) to protect women against domestic violence.

Other Links

Check out this article Bernie Sanders wrote for the Huffington Post on the War on Women.

View Bernie Sanders' senator page on the topic of women's rights.

View Bernie Sanders' political summary on women's rights.

Check out Women Are Watching for their breakdown of all the presidential candidates on abortion, birth control, and planned parenthood. They also have a handy chart.

Where all candidates stand on equal pay.

UPDATE 7/6/15: added domestic violence
UPDATE 7/23/15: add more VoteSmart links

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