Saturday, July 18, 2015

5 Attacks on Bernie Sanders and Why They're Bogus

Attacks on Bernie Sanders are to be expected in the presidential race. But that doesn't stop them from being ridiculous. Maybe we should all take a feather out of Bernie's hat and focus on the real issues instead of slinging mud everywhere?

Here are five common attacks (in no particular) order that just need to die already.

The Notorious "Rape Essay" (and all the others)

I've explain this before. But just in case it needs explained again, I'll reiterate. Bernie Sanders does not believe women fantasize about being raped. The essay was a badly written dark satirical article on the dangers of male and female gender norms. You can find the explanation here and more in-depth here.

And while we are on the topic, here is the rest of Sander's Freeman essays, written in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I expect the media to go a whole round with these. The most popular I've seen recently is Bernie's essay on how cervical cancer meant you weren't getting enough orgasms. (Side note: there have actually been modern studies that conclude orgasms may be a factor in reducing the risk of prostate, cervical, and breast cancer.)

We need to realize that these essays were written 40 years ago by a youthful and rebellious Bernie Sanders. How many dumb things can you remember doing or believing when you were young and rebellious? Anyone who actually thinks Bernie Sanders believes all of that stuff today is clearly lacking in the realm of human experience. People do dumb things. Then people learn. They change, and then they grow.

Ready to drop these essays yet? Because I certainly am.

Bernie voted against Amber Alert

Yes. He did. Though not for reasons people like to think.

Bernie has stated that he is a strong supporter of the Amber Alert program. The reason he voted against the bill was because it had unconstitutional riders attached, particularly the sentencing provisions that Bernie felt took power away from the judiciary branch.

This shows one of the great things about Bernie Sanders. He can support a piece of legislation, but he will vote against it if he feels certain provisions take away the rights of the people. You will find this is the case in a lot of legislation that Bernie is criticized for voting against. If only we could hold the rest of Congress to such a high standard.

Bernie is Pro Gun

No, he's not. It has been said Bernie is actually considered a "moderate" when it comes to guns as he walks a middle line. He's voted for background checks and bans on automatic guns. He's also voted for concealed carry in national parks and Amtrak trains and against the ability to sue gun manufactures.

One of the bills that comes up a lot in the media is the Brady Act, which mandated a 5-day waiting period for gun purchasers that Sanders voted against. What articles sourcing the vote never tell you is that Sanders voted against it because he was against a federal mandated waiting period. As a representative of Vermont, which has a very low gun crime rate, Sanders didn't think the federal mandate was fair for his particular state. So he did his job as a representative and voted the bill down. He did vote in favor of an amendment to the bill that mandated background checks.

You can read a full explanation on the Brady Act and see Bernie's votes on gun issues here.

You can also watch a video of Bernie talking about gun issues here.

90% tax on the rich

I have seen this video passed around a lot. People don't seem to realize that it's 30 seconds of a 3 minute and 50 second interview. Which means it's been taken completely out of context.

Here is the actual interview. In it, Bernie Sanders mentions Dwight Eisenhower, who taxed the rich at 90%. John Harwood asks Sanders if he thinks 90% is too high. And Bernie says, "no."

At no point during the video does Bernie say he intends to tax the rich at 90%. He only says that he doesn't disagree with Eisenhower's policies. There is a difference.

Here is an interview with Katie Couric where Bernie shuts down the 90% rumor.

Bernie is pro-Israel

Some people feel that he's pro-Israel because he's not what they consider to be pro-Palestine. But not being one thing does not make him the opposite. There is middle ground, and that's where Bernie stands. He would like to see a peaceful two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, believing that both sides have a right to exist in their own state.

You can read a statement Bernie gave in 2009 on the issue here. And a video from this year where he spoke on the subject.

Also, Sanders does not have Israeli citizenship. Can we just end that here and now? Or are we going to insist on it, even when given evidence to the contrary, like we did with Obama's birth certificate?

Seriously people. We have more pressing issues to deal with in this country. It's time we focused on them.


  1. Good work! Thank you! Bernie in, money out!!!

  2. Remember the 1%er who also said no matter how high the tax rate, there always have been and will be deductions - not loopholes - he pays effective tax rates half of what the set rate - same when it was "91%". Very overlooked fact!

  3. Bernie Sanders is a sick bastard.

    Not only did he vote AGAINST the Amber Alert bill, which to date has saved over 500 children from being murdered, but he voted against a bill that would allow women who were raped to find out if their assailant has HIV.

    He cares more about criminals then victims. Hell has a special place reserved for Mr. Sanders.

    1. Did you read the article? Bernie has always supported the Amber Alert program. He only voted against the bill because of the the sentencing provisions that he felt were unconstitutional.

      Secondly, the HIV bill that you mentioned allowed forced HIV testing for people accused but not yet convicted of rape to be tested. This was considered a violation of that citizen's due process rights since they did not have to be convicted of a crime and could force innocent people to undergo testing. It would also take away state drug control funding if they did not comply with the testing.

    2. Thank you, AnonymousMarch 13, 2016 at 12:24 PM. At least there's one sane person here.

    3. Sanders campaign and supporters also point to his vote against DOMA has proof he supported LGBT rights yet his comments at the time prove his vote was because he thought it was a state right not any concern for LGBT people. The take away should be that ALL bills have pros and cons. Sanders expects people to separate the two and forgive his missteps but he does not want anyone to extend the same to Clinton.

  4. Me First: Why Bernie Sanders Voted Against Protecting Our Nation's Children?

  5. Bernie walks away when questioned about his NAY VOTE on The Child Abduction Prevention Act?

  6. Thanks.

    On Eisenhower's 90% top tax rate, the other aspect of that is that it was a 90% *marginal* tax rate. That means that income below a certain cutoff was taxed at lower rates.

    I don't know what the cutoff was, and it would have to be adjusted for inflation, but the principle might be like: Income up to $50,000, 28% rate, next $50,001-$100,000, 33% rate, next $100,001-$500,000 50% rate, next $500,001-$ 1 million, 70% rate, any incom above $1 million 90% rate.

    Both the cutoffs and the rate levels can be adjusted.

    Chris in Portland

  7. I read the article on the Brady Act. Politifact rated the criticisms of Bernie on it as "Mostly True" completely contradicting what was said in this Pravda like propaganda piece. Stop lying.

    1. I did not lie. Politifact asks, did Bernie vote against Brady Act? And rates as mostly true. I never said Bernie didn't vote against the Brady Act. I admitted that he did. What is important to note is the only reason he voted against the Brady Bill because he didn't agree with a federal waiting period and wanted the states to be able to choose. Politifact points this out in their analysis. Politifact is also only looking at the Brady Act, not how Bernie has voted his whole career. Bernie is NOT against background checks. He has repeatedly voted for them through his career, the Brady Bill being an exception.

  8. Nobody ever got taxed at 90%. That was the top bracket for the highest incomes, and, in fact, set a maximum salary for executives. Kennedy cut it to 70% which was problematic, and then reagan, that disgrace to our species cut it down to the 30's. The reagan and bush tax cuts for the rich have been by far, the most destructive economic acts in American history.

  9. Think that's bad? Let's take a good look at Hillary Clinton. You would need to write an entire series of books on that psycho. Murder, lies, corruption, theft, child sex industry involvement, defending child rapers, war in Iraq, Benghazi, espionage, voter fraud, prostitution, drugs...I could go on forever. These things about Bernie Sanders pale in comparison to the vile monster that Hillary Clinton is. Between the two, I would choose Bernie Sanders without hesitation. Maybe he's a little nieve in wanting to take care of 100% of the people instead of only the "majority"...but that certainly does not make him a bad person. Maybe instead of crying foul on Bernie Sanders, we need to ask why unconstitutional riders are allowed to be attached to bills. Why should some people have to sacrifice their constitutional rights " for the good of the people". Would you sacrifice your constitutional rights for me?

  10. Their is no reasoning with unreasonable fools.

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  12. Bernie never worked a day in his life you fucking losers.

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