Friday, July 17, 2015

Academic Journals Study Socialism in Burlington, Vermont

Here's something really cool I randomly ran into last week (as cool as academic nerd goes, anyway). There's a number of academic journal articles I've found dealing with socialism in Burlington during Bernie's time as mayor (and few books).

Unfortunately the articles require subscription access, so I have no idea what they say. But maybe there's some academics out there who would like to read them (and tell me about it after, please?).

+ Who Votes for a Socialist Mayor?: The Case of Burlington, Vermont

The Burlington Community Land Trust: A Socialist Approach to Affordable Housing? (if you'd like something accessible on the Land Trust, I talk about it here)

+ Socialism in Burlington, Vermont: Implications for Social Welfare

+ Challenging the Boundaries of Reform: Socialism in Burlington (book version)

+ The Socialist Mayor: Bernard Sanders in Burlington Vermont (is a book, not article)

And this seems to be an article about Bernie's time in the House:
+ The belly of the beast: Bernie Sanders, congress and political change

Seriously, I'm really frustrated I can't read these. I want to know!

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