Friday, January 22, 2016

NBC Fourth Democratic Debate Recap - The Bernie Debate

Remember when I said I didn't understand why we like to decide who won debates? Well, I have to take it back because I really felt like Bernie killed this debate. For once, I wasn't staring at the screen listening to candidates talk about their different perspectives or yell at one another. This time, something more came through, and I really felt like Bernie came out on top. Here's a break down:

Before the Debate

Lots of things happened before the debate, and I think they added to the momentum.

First there was the MLK roundtable with Cornel West, Killer Mike, and Nina Turner. The link before is the full discussion, but there's another shorter version with clearer audio that the campaign also released.

Before the debate, Bernie also found time to join a march in Charleston for living wages.

Also, Bernie released some details on his health care plan.

And before all of that happened Bernie issued a statement for the resignation of Michigan governor Rick Snyder as a result of the Flint water crisis. If you'd like to help the city of Flint, you can check out this article.

The Debate Itself

If you missed the debate, you can watch it here.

If you're just looking for the highlights, the debate got pretty firey with punches coming left and right from Clinton while Bernie dodged them all with grace.

One moment that went viral during the debate was Bernie's "side eye" that he gave Hillary after she accused him of calling Obama "weak." I actually missed this moment because I was giving Hillary a similar look from my couch.

Another moment that got shared a lot was Bernie's answer to how he would make sure that cases of police violence were reviewed and prosecuted fairly.

The debate on Wall Street and campaign funds is also worth watching.

Check out Bernie and Hillary's disagreement on how to handle Iran.

And Bernie and Hillary's disagreement on health care.

After the Debate

Even if while watching the debate you weren't sure who came out on top, the after effects of the debate were clear.

If the first time since the Democratic debates started, Bernie ended up with more speaking time than Hillary.

NBC Today called the debate "clearly the Bernie debate."

During the debate, Bernie was the most searched candidate in every state across the country.

Bernie did so well, that the campaign released this moving video.

During the debate, Bernie raked in $1 million in campaign donations.

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