Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bernie Sanders / Vermont / Maple Themed Patry Drinks (and some food)

I did a post a while back about Bernie themed party food, and I got to thinking - Bernie themed drinks? Why not.

Senator from Vermont (suggested on Reddit)

Maple-Bourbon Smash - maple syrup, orange juice, lemon juice, bitters, seltzer, and bourbon. Looking around, there's actually a few variants on this "Old Vermont" cocktail (one, two, three). Pick your favorite or mix and match to make your own variant.

Feel the Bern

Shot of Everclear or another "berning" liquor.

Vermont Switchel
Image from American Food Roots
A mix of apple cider, maple syrup, ginger, lemon juice, and molasses. You can read about the drink's origins here, buy it here, or make your own. Add alcohol if desired.

Vermont/Maple Lemonaid

Image from this recipe
You can read about the drink here. The recipe is pretty easy, just make lemonaid and use maple syrup to sweeten it instead of sugar. The internet is full of variants on what measurements to use. Best for your to decide for yourself based on how sweet and lemony you like'd like things to be. Add your favor liquor if desired.

Maple Soda

This drink is exactly what it sounds like. You can read what some non-Vermonters thought about it here, buy it (and other sodas) from a Vermont company here, or google "Maple Soda" and see if there's any recipes out there you are up for trying (some of them seem a little complicated).

More Recipes

Okay. So maple everything, right? That's all you need. Well, I got thinking about "Vermont Food" and Allrecipes came up with a page offering New England beans (multiple recipes), molasses cookies (multiple recipes), maple tarts, and a maple float!

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