Thursday, April 28, 2016

Write Your Superdelegates!

Bernie's path to the White House relies on winning as many delegates and superdelegates as possible. For the delegates, we keep doing what we've been doing: canvas, phone bank, and volunteer. For superdelegates, we need to write to them and let them know why they should support Bernie over Hillary.

There's been some really bad communication between Superdelegates and Bernie supporters. We cannot argue our point with threats, name calling, or angry messages. This only serves to hurt our cause. If you feel you cannot be civil, leave the communicating for someone else. Otherwise, you can find a list of delegates and their contact information here. Below is a sample letter you can use:
Dear [superdelegate name],

I am a citizen of (your state), and I am writing to urge you to consider supporting Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Nomination.

It may be that you personally prefer Hillary Clinton's policies over Bernie Sanders's. It may also be that you are drawn to the idea of a woman president. I ask instead that you consider the general election in November and which candidate would perform best for the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton mainly appeals to loyal Democrats. Bernie Sanders, however, appeals to Democrats, Independents, Republicans, young voters, and voters who have long abstained from participating in our political process. Bernie appeals to a much wider base of voters, a third of which will not back Hillary but would be a huge advantage to the Democratic Party during the general election.

Bernie Sanders is more well liked than Hillary Clinton. A mid-April Gallup poll found Bernie had a net favorable rating of +52 among Democrats. While Bernie's favorable rating has climbed since last July, Hillary's has dropped to +36. Her rating could continue to fall and prove to be a detriment in the general election, where voters who dislike both Hillary and the Republican candidate could choose to stay home.

Bernie Sanders also polls better than Hillary against Trump and Cruz. Against Trump, Real Clear Politics has Hillary winning by a polling average of 8.5 points, whereas Bernie wins by 15.2 points. With Cruz, Hillary wins by 3 points and Bernie wins by 12. Bernie Sanders is clearly the better candidate of choice to propel the Democratic Party to victory.

Bernie Sanders has faced tremendous odds during the primaries. The major media networks will not cover him. Issues of voter suppression across the primaries have cost him in delegates. Yet, he has come impressively far and has proven himself to be a real contender against Hillary Clinton. If this is what he can do with forces acting against him, think of how much farther he could go with the Democratic Party's backing.

For the good of the Party, I urge you to consider voting for Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Nomination.


[your first and last name]

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